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Wait, You Could Actually Check-In Early ?

Is it not yet the time for check-in ? But you already tired from the jetlag to Bali ? Fear no more, because in this article you will learn a few tips on how to check-in early.

1. Review the Policy

Some villa charge day or half-day rates you can reserve if you arrive very early. This is typically cheaper than the full nightly rate. Others work by the hour, charging you a certain amount for every hour you need to check in earlier or check out late

2. Contact the Villa in Advance Reach out to the villa's management or reservations team before your arrival to inquire about the possibility of an early check-in. You can do this through phone calls or emails. They will be able to provide you with information about availability and any associated fees.

3. Arrive Early and Inquire Sometimes, arriving at the villa early in the day might mean that previous guests have checked out, making your villa available. Politely ask the villa staff if an early check-in is possible.

4. Be Kind

This is the simplest yet most underrated technique for getting early check-in. Be polite to the staff member when attempting to check in early, whether it be in person, via email, or by the phone. Don’t act entitled and explain why getting early check-in might help you out.

It doesn’t stop there, what if you couldn’t get that early check-in ? Here are some extra tips that could help:

1. Luggage Storage If your villa isn't ready for early check-in, most villas will allow you to store your luggage securely until your villa is prepared. This way, you can start enjoying your day without the inconvenience of carrying bags.

2. Hang around and Utilize Amenities While waiting for your villa to be ready, take advantage of the villa's facilities and amenities, such as private pools, spas, restaurants or lounging areas.

3. Give Your Contact Number

Most staff members are willing to call you when your room is ready in case they’re able to have it prepared earlier. Provide your phone to the staffs so you can communicate with them more and earn your desired services.

In a perfect world, we’d be able to check in at villa at whatever time we wanted. But that’s not quite how things work, once again we need to remember that each villa might have its own rules and availability, so it's crucial to communicate directly with the villa’s management to understand your options and ensure a smooth check-in process.

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